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Dr. Habib Levi was a multi-dimensional individual in the jewish society in Iran. He was a dental physician, a historian of jewish people, a successful businessman, a devoted Zionist and a well-known philanthropist. He was born in 1896 into a well-known Jewish family in Tehran. He was sent to Paris at the age of 16 for medical education after completion of his high school studies. Following his return to Iran, he tried to implement his medical knowledge for reforming the traditional system in Iran. At the same time he began his scholarly research in Jewish History. Dr. Habib Levi’s profound and pioneering work in this field, is considered by historians to be the most comprehensive research about Jewish life in Iran from the ancient times till today. His main work, the three volume History of the Jews of Iran, was originally published in 1960 in Farsi. Its edited and abridged version in English was published in 1999. The writer brought together numerous sources, much of it previously unpublished. With firm belief in his mission to advance the knowledge of the Iranian Jewish community on the 2500 years of their own history in this land of Diaspora, he dedicated a great part of his life to researching the jewish past and heritage, and to propagate the Jewish identity. After the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, Dr. Habib Levi decided to emigrate, bringing his family to the USA. He continued his research and his writing. He has published several books, all about jewish people and heritage. He passed away in 1984 in Los-Angeles and was buried in Jerusalem, according to his will and as a symbol of his yearning for his historical homeland.